A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty is an alphabet book written for Afrikan children and adults—rhyming poems, warm, bright colors, and content that serves Afrikan people.  Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti described it as “. . . one of those books which will make frontline parenting so much easier . . .,” and given the increased active aggression against Afrikan people, guiding Afrikan children along a path that serves Afrikan people has become increasingly important.

A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty is structured so that both children and adults can heal and succeed together—guided by a resource written intentionally with the parent-child interaction in mind.  Like many picture books, A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty is designed to be read aloud, allowing the reader to support the child’s understanding of the deep concepts and symbolic illustrations.  While it's widely known that reading vocabulary-rich picture books aloud supports children in developing a rich vocabulary, this elder-approved work was designed to develop a rich Afrikan-centered vocabulary.  Some use the written word for the purpose of establishing authority.  We are using the written word to heal the wounds of oppression and inspire your story.

A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty - Book