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As an Afrikan-centered child psychologist, I am constantly searching for books that can effectively infuse culture into the storyline to shape a positive racial identity and self-love for the youth in my professional and personal life.  "A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty" does that and more! It teaches Afrikan cultural strengths, rituals, values, and history in a fun way that all the children in my life have loved. The glossary at the end is an added bonus that further helps to enhance vocabulary, while simultaneously promoting Pan-Afrikanism and cultural literacy. This book is mindfully written. It works well for read-alouds/read-alongs due to the beautiful use of rhyme and several indigenous languages, which lends itself nicely to call and response. It's boldly and beautifully illustrated. Each page of illustration is artwork fit for framing. This is a must-have book that entertains, empowers, teaches, inspires, and shapes the consciousness and character of our children! I've gifted it to children and caregivers many times over, and am grateful to Baoku Duduyemi for masterfully bridging the gap between art, literacy, Pan-Afrikanism, and social justice for young readers.   

-- Dr. Jamilia Codrington

A is for Afrika, S is for Sovereignty - Book

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