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This course can no longer be booked.

Self Care Starts With [S] - [S]ustenance

It's Time To Put Yourself First

  • Ended
  • 25 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Be in the number! This amazing opportunity is open to 12 women. This is your chance to join a powerful group of black women committed to caring for themselves, their families, and their communities; in that order. Register for this 1 day course now! Join us on Sunday Feb 4 at 9AM ET 1 Session, $25 When I’m feeling sad or scared or when I’m telling myself that there is more to do than I am able to get done, the first thing that my husband does is hand me a glass of water. It’s annoying! And it’s helpful. Eating and drinking well are important parts of self-care. Some foods make me feel wonderful and some foods make me feel horrible. Unfortunately, there seems to be an inverse relationship between how a food makes me feel and what it tastes like. All the delicious foods make me feel irritable or sluggish or they give me a headache. I’ve had to learn to enjoy the foods that make me feel energized and awake. Some foods make me feel so good that it has been easy to learn to enjoy them. Some foods I am still struggling to enjoy. Each time I eat something, I am choosing between increasing my capacity with whole, often raw foods or decreasing my capacity with processed, artificial foods. What is interesting is this: I find that not only do junk foods make me feel bad, it seems that I crave them most when my capacity is already low. I don’t even think about cookies and chips when my capacity is high. So eating junk food is a double whammy for me! It’s like kicking myself when I am down. I strive to love myself better than that.

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