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2020 Presentations:

Middle and High School

Physics of the Pharaohs

The Double Slit Delusion -Sarai

The Double Slit Experiment - Aliyah 

This video is basically an educational parody of the Double Slit Experiment. No, the scientists didn’t use Lay’s chips or flavored water.

The Dogon and the Po - Aliyah, Chance, and Sarai

Dogon information is just a quick video to show you how the Dogon live and to explain the how electrons are aware.

X Rays - Chance

Electromagnetic Superhero - Isaiah 

How X Rays Work just lets you know a few quick facts on how they exist and to keep you safe.

This video is me talking about my amazing superhero Velveteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Politics of Pandemics

Aliyah's Reflection

So, my mom signed me up for this Kibolebole Online class, right? And I thought that it would be cool, considering the fact that I was gonna be with people who look like me. Now, there’s this class called Politics of Pandemics. This class talks about what happens with all of the disease spreading. Hence the name. And I’m about to tell you some experiences I had with that class. Now, one of the key things I’ve noticed in this class is that America is terrible when it comes to dealing with pandemics. They are just using any old drug and saying that it’ll work wonders against the Coronavirus without properly testing it. That caused people to, um, push up daisies. Not only that, when Madagascar came up with a treatment, America was all like, “Oh, no. We don’t need those dumb herbs. Those weren’t tested. If anything, those could be useless or deadly!” Like that hydroxychloroquine is supposed to help. 

And the most enjoyable thing is that during quarantine I got to be with other people. That cursed time when we all had to stay far, far away from people. Not interacting with them...but then! I actually got to talk to people! And that’s great! I really like being with people!


The most difficult thing I had to deal with was that even though this entire quarantine seems like a break from school, I got homework. When I’m on a long break I want to just relax. I didn’t hear that voice in my head that screams, “Do your work!!” Now, that voice is just saying, “Oh, homework? That’s ok. Just play Fortnite today. And then you can do your homework tomorrow.”


Now, the easiest thing I had to do was to look up online articles about COVID. Yeah. That’s right. Looking up stuff on Google is easy.


And, that was my class!

Chance's Reflection

At Kibolebole I learned a lot of things. One of our classes is Politics of

Pandemics. During this class, I had a great time meeting people. 

During this class for me the key learning point was how Madagascar 

has an herbal remedy for curing and treating the virus. 

It was a fun and educational learning experience. As in every school 

based program there were some challenges. One thing that was a 

challenge was the fact that I hear the news and my class and just 

making  sure I have a clear understanding of what’s really going on. Another challenge was the homework. I procrastinated on some assignments and that made the work harder. 

I enjoyed getting to learn about the people and learn about their 

personalities. And of course reading. 

Now usually reading is hard and I hate it but in this class it was cool 

and easy to read with the group.

Isaiah's Reflection

Key learning: The main thing that I’ve learned in Politics of Pandemics is the consequence of taking hydroxychloroquine. This medication has many side effects like 

stomach pain, swelling of the feet, and trouble with breathing, speaking, or swallowing. There are other remedies in the world that are much more safe and natural. 

The most enjoyable: The most enjoyable part of Politics of Pandemics was the conversations. We were able to read different articles then talk about what we read to form an opinion.

The easiest : The easiest part of Politics of Pandemics was comprehending what I was reading and what we were talking about in the class. 

Most difficult: The most difficult part of Politics of Pandemics was trying to decipher from what I would see in the news and what I’d read and talked about during class. 

Algebra Essentials

Exponents! - Aliyah

So, this one talks basically talks about exponents. And, it’s really, really educational.

Exponent Applications - Sarai

Exponent Rules - Chance

Exponents are something you will need in life so I’m just making sure you understand how to use them.

Radicals - Isaiah 

Let’s learn more about the complex radical product rule.

Life 101

Aliyah's Key Learning

The importance of paying more attention to where I'm spending money.

Chance's Key Learning

The importance of asking for support directly.

Isaiah's Key Learning

I learned that the natural state of Afrikan people is joyful, peaceful and powerful.


My Story - Aliyah

This video basically talks about what I’m going to do when I grow up. That is well, kind of educational.

My Life Goals - Chance

My life goals is basically showing/telling you what I want to do and what I’m going to do in life.

My Aspirations - Isaiah

This is my aspiration as I find more ways to grow myself and my community.

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