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Kibolebole Interviews Baba Wekesa Madzimoyo, Co-Director of AYA Educational Institute

We sat down with Baba Wekesa to discuss the questions and concerns that many parents who are considering an Afrikan Centered school or homeschool may have. We also discussed the WHB Super Weekend in Atlanta. It's been moved from the 8th, and 9th to this weekend: July 22, 23rd!

How can I choose the right school for my children?

Are Afrikan Centered schools academically rigorous?

What about socialization?

Will my child be able to go to college if they attend an Afrikan Centered school?

How will a get my spouse to agree?

But, we've been going to public school for so long...How will my child adjust?

How will we afford it?

And much more....

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