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It's About More Than Eyelashes...

Thoughts and feelings are for sale just as much as false eyelashes. While eyelashes rarely lead to infection, purchased thoughts and feelings often lead to inauthentic behavior and unfulfilling relationships.

Where do you buy thoughts and feeling? I’m glad you asked. TV and movies are possibly the most glamorous marketplace. Those screens are filled with stories that tell us how relationships are ‘supposed’ to work. Who is ‘supposed’ to do and say what. And, how we are to feel if others don’t follow the script.

There are even smaller screens that also sell us ways to think, feel and behave. Those handheld screens that hold the curated lives of people we don’t know (as well as people who don’t even exist) encourage us to think that everybody is thinking, feeling and behaving in the prescribed manner. Who are we to do something different? Who are we to read from a different page? Even if the popular page is hurting us.

There’s one more place where thoughts and feelings are sold. In the living rooms and around the kitchen tables of people that we love. Sometimes old scripts that are no longer needed are passed down to us as if they were brand new. You can love the people that love you and leave their scripts with them if those scripts don’t serve you, your mate or our community.

Once you are reading from pages that you have written in collaboration with the best that our elders and ancestors have given us you will be free to be authentically alluring.


#AuthenticAllure is four part series that begins March 4, 2020. This transformative circle is lead by Sacred Woman Practitioner, Mentor and Wellness Coach, Evelyn Duduyemi. Evelyn is a 44 year old mother of two. She and her husband of 19 years, Baoku, work together to provide relationship, marriage and family coaching.

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